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9:00 - Colin Hancock:  Down in Honky Tonk Town: Missouri's Ragtime Roots of Jazz


It's no secret that Missouri was a hotbed for the development of ragtime in many iterations, and as such it should come as no surprise that it was an important location in the development of jazz. During this transitional era (ca.1910-1925), Missouri's already cutting edge ragtime scenes helped push along many new ideas and sounds that later would become paramount in the development of jazz. Through the earliest recordings of Gus Haenschen, Eddie Kuhn and Bennie Moten (all both Missouri ragtime kings and jazz pioneers in their own right), we will learn and hear in real time just how unique that musical transition was.


10:00 - Bill Edwards:  The Sting and The Festival: Fifty Years Later


Bill outlines the long road from Scott Joplin to George Roy Hill and how the music became incorporated into the film, as well the parallel development of the Scott Joplin Festival which originated at the same time with some common DNA.


11:00 - Adam Swanson:  Al Bernard: The Boy From Dixie


Adam presents the story of Al Bernard, one of the most prolific recording artists of the 1920s, and an influential voice in the late ragtime, early jazz era. Adam traces Bernard’s career through a bevy of sheet music covers and records from his own collection.

Friday Morning Symposia

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