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9:00 - Jeanette Watts:  Redefining Femininity: Women’s Fashion in the Progressive Era


In the 1800s, women’s dresses kept getting bigger, and frillier, and required a lot of underthings just to maintain a variety of shapes. But it’s a new CENTURY! The new century needed a new look. The slimmer silhouette of the turbulent early 1900s reflected the changing role of women in society. Progressive health reform, dance, and even aviation changed underwear as well as outerwear, and expectations for women’s clothing were forever changed.


10:00 - Ed Berlin:  Scott Joplin's Parents: Truths, Fabrications, and Revelations.  


While we have long known some basic information on Giles and Florence Joplin, Ed presents new revelations that fill in their story and potential influences on their now-famous son.


11:00 - Stephanie Caputo:  Uncovering Lost History: Techniques for Online Genealogy


Ed Berlin’s daughter, Stephanie, aided in his research and refined several methods for difficult genealogical searches, particularly slave demographics from the antebellum period and shortly after.

Thursday Morning Symposia

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